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Video TALAGA: Back to Basic CikarangMTB KOLOZAL#13

Bandung, 30 Nov 2014

Selama ini tidak pernah post video di page ini, mana video nya berwarna lagi… Tapi melihat feedback nya, kaget juga… Sekalian bantu publikasi acara CikarangMTB KOLOZAL ini…

Diambilnya pakai GoPro Hero 3+ dan pakai iMovie untuk membuat clip nya

Trailer resmi Trek TALAGA:Back to Basic KOLOZAL#13


WJxc Ride#31 – GRATISAN#3 – Sanggabuana, East Java – Ngurilingan Sanggabuana

DCIM100GOPROKarawang, 31 July 2014

This is a very very long awaited and one of the most wanted trip in my mountain biking list. Not only because part by part trip already done in the past; #1 Cikarang to Curug Cigeuntis, #2 Cikarang to Quiling… but also beautiful track done by friends which I have not got chance to try #3 Quiling Uphill offroad by Ardian_nas. The other part which also making this trip very special was the distance, the long 80+km with many parts are offroad track.

Being planned for long time, and five mountain biker planned to join the trip, actual only three made the ride. Lebaran holiday is very tricky to take a mountain biking trip. How to manage our time availability while most of family members gather was the big challenge for joining this trip. So that morning 3am, three mountain biker load their mountain bikes to the car and heading to the starting point, Pangkalan, Kab Karawang.

That morning just 2km ride getting out of Pangkalan, we exposed by a breath-taking sunrise view. Although expecting to get the sunrise moment since we start ride at 0530am in the morning, I did not expect to get such a view, when the sun just come out from behind pinnacles of Sanggabuana Mountains. An unexpected bonus. Another un-expected bonus was the gravel-macadam double track from Pangkalan to Curug Ciomas, beautiful track inside a teakwoods followed up by a beautiful Curug Ciomas. The track after Ciomas is full of uphill with pinnacles view of Antajaya… all the way up to Quiling Cemetery.

DCIM100GOPROThis track is really full of beautiful scenery, the background of combination macadam, hard soil and broken cement road will never be harder, high density slope. Oh man, when reach a small village Cibeureum we feel like winning a war. The uphill is really really steep, in some area just impossible to keep pedaling. The track also worsened (or made more interesting?) by landslides. The uphill to Kampung Cibeureum been hard and brutal make us spent more than an hour recovering by drink ‘teh manis’.

Ruthless uphill to Cibeureum, it’s only an opener for more steep off-road hike to ‘Desa Talaga’. This hike was a complete deals with off-road singletrack, un-ride-able, no-habitation, land slides sites, and endless… Bikemap.com said that this hike was to the top of Balukbuk Hill, which is ‘only’ 700m above sea level.

Luckily the ending part of this hike was a beautiful pine woods. Pine woods always giving me some kind of new spirit, not only a specific scent come out of the trees, but pine woods always make a beautiful pictures, sometimes dramatic. And after countless pitstops, deep breaths, despair and high tension muscles, we reach Desa Talaga, which uniquely placed just at the top of the hike. Surprising since all the way of long hike we did not find habitation, nearly no human activities, but at the peak of the hike we found a village. DCIM100GOPRO

We take another long break in this village. A little bit celebration for our strong will… I event take a short 15 minutes nap after taking a pray. This is also the end of this trip in the track of Kuiling-Talaga-Sukamaju then we will continue with circling Mount Sanggabuana to Ciririp. Track to Ciririp was a long long macadam downhill. Combination of kampung ride and woods singletracks. Beautiful, technical, long and was really a payback after the hard and ruthless uphill to Kampung Talaga. Look back to the map, just realized while writing this notes that the downhill lines was 7km. No wonder it feels endless.

A long downhill, technical XC tracks, mostly doubletrack inside kampung and singletrack inside the woods ended when slowly the view changed from mountains to a big lake, actually Jatiluhur Dam, biggest dam built in the country. The track then changed from a long and feels like never ending downhills to hard and also never ending rolling by the side of the lake.

This rolling lines from Ciririp to Kertamanah, another nightmare route, was 13km or rolling by the side of the lake. In some places we found a big bridge but without any roads. It seems like the government prepare a round road, including building bridges but the road not actually being materialized. We struggling through a very bad condition lines, sometimes double-track sometimes single-track with useless bridges without roads.

r400IMG_4918This fact only show us how un-planned our government on this project. Spend money for useless infrastructure. A contradiction to actual road infrastructure condition of villages around the lake.

While we see useless bridges, the track condition was terrible. Terrible for normal ride but very adventurous for us. Looks like regularly being used by motorcycles, which will be a very challenging task for them to do. For three of us use bicycle was not an easy journey, since like macadam tracks with no access from cars/four wheel-er, the track become very random and irregular yet in-expectable mood. The track just tear you down, especially when you already physically exhausted and the sunset already looking behind the hills. Out of Ciririp, the track was a rough ruthless line inside a natural bamboo deep forest. It will be not nice situation if we caught in by sunset before passing this part. We are lucky that we reach Kertamanah, when Azan Maghrib heard.

We took another long rest in Kertamanah. Feeling relieved by again found a ‘regular’ road, combination of asphalt and concrete. According to track plan we still 30km to go to finish line. It was really feel like long long way to go. This is also the first time since Quiling, we found a ‘warung’ (small shop) equipped with refrigerator full of cool drinks… It has been more than 9 hours in the wild and finally we found the regular habitation area.

r400IMG_4927Now we coming to the last part of this trip, the last 30km with more acceptable track condition. The track was ok, smooth and off-course still give us hike to hills and down to bridges, like what we usually taken when we circling a mountain. My own physical condition was on a big big challenge. It was drop so bad compared to my two colleagues. Although track condition maybe one of the best of the trip, but this condition also make me feel boring. This in my weak point, I just cannot handle this kind of on-road touring track.

In this part of track many times I choose to just push my bike on uphills. Really exhausted! This is what actually means with what I called GRATISAN ride. The ride push our endurance to the limit. The trip combination of on-road and off-road usually taking 60-100km distance, a mountain bike marathon distance. The GRATISAN ride usually also taking a very long nearly all day ride. Like this ride we load the bike at 3am, start ride at 530am and finish ride at 8pm, unload back our mountain bikes at 10pm. All day, exhaustive, long distance, new track…

A night ride for the closer of the trip. Reaching the starting point at 8pm, found my GPS shown nearly 1500m inclination total the trip!!! This is really the highest inclination off-road trip I ever have in one day!!!

r400IMG_4928I have rated this trip very high. Definitely this is one of my biggest achievement in mountain biking trip since two days trip Bandung to Garut via Papandayan back 4-5 years ago.

More pictures in my facebook account…

Trip info:

Riding Specialized Carve 29″ hardtail
tyres: Continental X-King 2.2
uphill: 9/10
singletrack: 8/10
downhill: 8/10
technical: 8/10
endurance: 9/10
landscape view: 9/10

Tracklog http://www.bikemap.net/en/route/2712006-gratisan3-ngurilingan-sanggabuana/

Short YouTube video clip… Kurilingan Sanggabuana Trailer


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Bikewearr Century Ride Cigeuntis – WJxc Ride#28

Cikarang, 27 Mei 2014

Libuuuuurrr hari selasa… Libur kejepit dan tidak cuti, ada baiknya kita gunakan untuk gowes sepeda gunung, dan pilihan trek kali ini adalah trek KOLOZAL#3 nya CikarangMTB, trek kolozal Mei 2009, trek kolozal lima tahun lalu, sepuluh edisi kolozal yang lalu.

Trek lama perlu diberi bumbu, dan bumbu kali ini ada dua!!!

IMG-20140528-WA0014Bumbu#1 adalah digenjot dari Cikarang. Ya, supaya jadi century ride, genjot 100+ km. Ini sama persis dengan gowes mati lampu, kembali di tahun 2009 akhir, saat bertiga Om Ardian dan Om Didi … Waktu itu sama sama gowes weekdays hanya berganti teman saja kali ini. Pernah juga gowes Cigeuntis dari Cikarang bersama Om Rudy Om Stef dan nTe Rahmi

Gowes Survey CikarangMTB Kolozal#3 Cigeuntis 2009 Mei…
Gowes Matilampu Cigeuntis bersama Eyang AN 2009 Nov…
Gowes Lebaran Cigeuntis bersama nTe Rahmi 2011 Sep…

Bumbu#2 yang lebih terasa adalah rekan gowesnya, kali ini saya bersama Om Sigit menemani tiga orang yang kebetulan katanya belum pernah melewati trek offroad Cigeuntis ala Kolozal. Ketiga rekan ini sih gowesannya sudah susah dikejar, tapi ke Cigeuntis selalu lewat jalan raya Pangkalan Loji, dan bisa mandi pagi di Cigentis lalu sebelum makan siang udah rapi di rumah.

Bumbu#3 trip ini diberi nama Bikewearr Ride oleh Owner Bikewearr om Sigit. Asiiikkk… senang tentu bisa bersama kembali dalam Bikewearr Ride#2 setelah yang pertama sekitar 3 tahun lalu. Kelima peserta trip pun memakai jersey produksi Bikewearr. Semua dokumentasi foto di post trip ini adalah jepretan Om Sigit Bikewearr, makanya berwarna… hehe

IMG-20140528-WA0015Dan gowes pun segera dimulai dengan rencana berangkat jam 0530 tapi team leader baru bangun jam 0545 setelah insomnia sampe subuh. Langsung melesat lewat onroad saja ke arah Pemda Kab Bekasi dan napak tilas jalur kampung saat lima tahun lebih lalu diajak offroad pertama Kang Asol, jadi tidak nembus ke SMA2 Cikarang. Lanjut Pasir Kupang dan masuk ke Medal Krisna mulai deh offroad batu makadam rolling termasuk melewati singletrack ‘nenek jambu’.

Di trip yang lalu bareng Om Okky dan Om Heru kami bertemu nenek membawa jambu yang tidak mau minggir di singletrack dan tertawa terus seperti suara nenek lampir di sinetron. Padahal siang bolong. Hari itu kami tidak bertemu nenek jambu, tapi trek lebih licin karena beberapa hari lalu hujan. Trek sudah banyak yang terkena perbaikan jalan dengan beton padahal dulu makadam dan sirtu, kami pun pitstop di warung yang dulu dipake pitstop juga pada trip Cigentis dengan MbahBro.

IMG-20140528-WA0012Lewat Madal Krisno kita pun mulai masuk ke jalan raya Cariu-Pangkalan. Lumayan juga lewat dua tiga jembatan sebelum akhirnya masuk ke desa Phillips. Nama desa nya unik karena kabarnya dahulu Phillips perusahaan alat listrik pernah merubah desa ini jadi terang benderang. Kaget juga melihat jalan masuk ke desa Phillips sudah di beton juga, untung cuma sekitar 200m dan kami pun kembali menikmati makadam campur semen di beberapa area dalam kampung sampai di pinggir sungai Cigeuntis. Waktu masih menunjukkan jam 10 siang lebih. Pitstop adalah wajib di area ini dan mulai sesi fotografi nya Bikewearr…

Setelah indomie telor masuk ke perut maka kita pun menyeberang sungai Cigeuntis, batu batu bulat yang licin, air mengalir, plus juga genjot di selokan doubletrack sebelum masuk ke desa. Belum lagi latarbelakang kaki pegunungan Sanggabuana yang menjulang julang seperti punuk. Eksotis dan memang hanya kita bisa jumpai di trek ini saja. Setelah itu ternyat kita menjumlai jalan landai panjang di kaki Gunung Goong telah berubah menjadi beton mulus, yang semakin panas memantul dan semakin membuat berasa tidak sampai sampai, untung segera kita disuguhi tanjakan makadam yang masih murni seperti 5 tahun lalu saat nanjak ke pohon besar.

Tak lama melipir kita pun sampai di Warung Wisata Curug Cigeuntis dan makan siang. Perjalanan baru 47 kilometer dan kami pun menyempatkan makan kenyang dan tidur sebentar.

Perjalan pulang balik ke Cikarang tidaklah terlalu banyak kisah karena melewati jalan raya Pangkalan Loji dan berbelok di sebelah kalimalang dari Kobakbiru, terus via beton kalimalang sampai Cikarang Baru. Finish jam 430 sore an. Paha menjerit dan pantat panas, khas perjalanan century ride 100+ kilometer…

Riding Specialized Carve 29″ hardtail 2012
tyres: Continental X-King 2.2
uphill: 7/10
singletrack: 4/10
downhill: 3/10
technical: 5/10
endurance: 9/10
landscape view: 8/10

This ride report supported by Bikewearr, hardcore biking apparell

WJxc Ride#9 Cherry Marathon 74km, Karawang (En) – part2

back to the right lines, just only being opened for access

back to the right lines

continued from part1…

A huge mental blow when finally came out of the dead end I was continue to follow the track, a very narrow double-track which looks just only being opened for access. I was so grateful to be able to continue safely.

The next part of the trip was facing ‘the beast’. The double-track tarmac uphill line was straight, to the point, direct while the temperature around the track been increasing to it’s hot peak. It was hard. One of the hardest uphill I have ever taken on my experience. I was not realize that I was doing the fun-cherry track in reverse and then facing this uncompromising uphill line. Yes, I have taken the wrong direction of the route! Back to the uphill.

I stop on every 10-20 meter. This short 10-20 meter has successfully bring up my heartbeat to the maximum allowable level, 170bpm. The uphill was hard but yet beautiful. Writing this post blog two months after the ride I am already miss this uphill part and want to take it, experience the roughness, feel the maximum heartbeat only after meters pedaling.

It was beautiful uphill…

the most beautiful uphill, the hardest one

the most beautiful uphill, the hardest one

Struggling to get to the end of the ‘beast uphill’, I found myself overwhelmed by the view from the top of the hill.

We can see nearly 270 degree of horizon. From left-front-right are: Cikarang Area in left, far away Industrial area in Cikarang and Karawang; while in front of us we can see far away Kujang Fertilizer plant in Cikampek with all Citarum valleys; in right we can see Jatiluhur area only right behind some hills. Beautiful 270 degree beautiful view. A nice closure for beautiful uphill.

Then I decided to take another pit-stop. To calm down my mental after going through dead end. To calm down my heart after exhaustive uphill. To cool down my body with cold drinks.

Again. The rumors I heard about how hard to get an adequately small shops to cool down proven that it was only a rumors. The place, called Kuta Jati, prepare a lot of options for logistic loading including availability of ice. Yes, there was no electricity, but they prepare ice for you!!

After a long pit-stop for 30 minutes continue leaving the beautiful site and going through the back of the hills, goes partly flat and partly down all the way: Kuta Jati to Kuta Tandingan to Kuta Kalambu and then to a simple an famous three-way junction with a lot of Cherry tree… A cool place we were looking for.

I treat myself a lunch while my emotion still in high…
Reaching this Cherry trees after all those ways to get here

Kuta Tandingan... then followed by Kuta Kalambu and Kuta Meriem

Kuta Tandingan… then followed by Kuta Kalambu and Kuta Meriem

Typical scenery around the track was full of hills and hills. Never ending hills one after another. Some part are considered karst area which usually lack of water. A lot of water sip into the ground and a lot of underground river links deep down the earth.

People lives here has adapted to live in such a very hard environment. In the rainy season they try to grow only use rainwater for water source. Some try to grow coffee and oranges, but not much has a good result. No electricity worsen the living condition.

After taking a mental and physical recharge in Cherry, the closing part of the trip was even harder. In going home I have choose to take another two piece of the links. One is what known as ‘Hutan Jati’ or ‘Teak Forest’. This route already going round, taking longer route rather than directly back to Cikarang area. To make the trip ‘perfect’ I was also taken part of ‘Gua Bau’ route as closer chapter.

After 74km or endurance marathon, 6pm arrive back home, exhausted but excitedly determined…
The best route to challenge your endurance; mentally and physically

@antoix track rating:
uphill: 8/10
downhill: 6/10
endurance: 10/10
technical: 8/10
landscape view: 8/10
distance: 74km
rolling track, tarmac and fireroad

The tracklog can be found in bikemap…

Cherry... the beautiful torture track

Cherry… the beautiful torture track


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WJxc Ride#9 Cherry Marathon 74km, Karawang (En) – part1

IMG_1692kalimalang600Cikarang, 14 Oct 2012

This trip, the trip to Cherry, been always in my list of ride for long long time. The track is too famous, and then become a benchmark for every mountain bike rider in Cikarang and Karawang area. I heard about the roughness of this track since five years ago, since my first encounter with mountain bike activity. Again, because it’s so famous. Too many people in cikarang mountain biking scene talk about it.

It’s been postponed and postponed, especially because my own fear, my own weakness. I was enjoy uphill, being an uphill enthusiast, and then heard that this track is long and full of rolling terrain. Rolling is the terrain combination between uphill and downhill side by side. This kind of terrain was the last thing I wanna ride. Being an uphill enthusiast a short downhill and uphill consecutively in my opinion is like going nowhere. You do a hard uphill, not too long, and then followed by short downhill also for not too long. It felt like a torture for me.

san diego

san diego

Before decide to finally take this route for a solo trip I have been trained myself to adopt to rolling terrain. I push myself to find what to enjoy in this kind of cycling track. I do some series of rides, what I called ‘bimbel’ (Bahasa term means some kind of training for kids in schools, training program outside the official school hours). The main training ground are tracks around Sand Diego and Pasircongcot area.

One of the final training part was when I was doing solo ride night-ride San Diego-Pasircongcot ride. The enjoyment and excitement during this ‘bimbel’ ride been told me the beauty side of rolling terrains. Finally I was accustomed to rolling track, I know how to enjoy the track.

signage indicating problem?

signage indicating problem?

Choosing the right track was a big problem. There have been so many combinations around the area. There are a lot lot of tracks goes through Cherry. A combinations ins and outs. Count yourself a lot of permutations available. Finally I decide to take the most far options, combine Fun-Cherry, Hutan Jati and Goa Bau. Decide solo ride will be only depend on my speed on my own will and a lot options to change by on site decisions.

That morning, leave home at 530am and finding a smell of fresh dew when hit offroad area from Kalimalang to SanDiego. A favorite bimbel track felt like my own backyard. Reach San Diego, a small traditional restaurant at around 700am and take a fast breakfast. San Diego Soup was the main menu, my fave menu. Fresh and hot, heat up you body, warm up your feeling since this would be the last decent logistics loading. I load two tumbler full. One with fresh water and another with sweet cold tea Tehbotol. Ready to go…

In doubt on what option route to take, regular-cherry or fun-cherry? Fun-cherry will give more load to the track, this is the longest track to Cherry. Passing by the junction, finally turned back to junction and take fun-cherry route. Rolling track start to hit my bike. Up to first 3km we still can find a lot of trees, some of the villages are still green and felt cool. Up to first 5km we still met other team want to go to Cherry. After that, all alone to the edge of the fun-cherry route.

Ruins beside track... what's happen I don't want to know

Ruins beside track… what’s happen I don’t want to know

There was a released plan that this area will be the place of the new Jakarta’s airport. Currently the area was rarely inhabited, lack of infrastructure. After 5km from San Diego I cannot see any electricity lines. Yet the area already in the heat of land ownership problems. Can be seen by a lot of signage claimed that the land was never been sold. Some ruins ex houses look like the house had taken unexpected treatment rather than expected planned moving.

Going countless up and down hills finally I felt need a break after around 2 hours riding. Looking at my GPS the trip was not yet over 20% of distance to Cherry. I see a simple ‘warong’ (small shop) equiped with ice then I stop and order cola with ice. Due to start at early morning, the heat of the terrain has just start striking our body. I cannot imagine if the trip start late 2-3 hours after.

I often hear stories that we will be lack of logistic support (small shops) around the track, actual situation I face was not as bad as I thought. Yes, the shop is not every 5km, yes there was no electricity, but at least we have place to buy cool and sweet drinks along the way.

The pit-stop, cola with ice

The pit-stop, cola with ice

The first real pitstop for around 20 minutes will cool soda-drink really boost up my enthusiasm. What happen next was entering the far and outside, corner of the track. Feel like going into corner of the world. The track from tarmac becom a clear fireroad. I cannot imagine what would be the track condition in rainy season. Will be full of mud. Even in the peak of dry season like October, we still feel like in the middle of nowhere. Actually also happened since the GPS track lead me into a dead end.

Yes. Dead end. Jalan Buntu.

It was not easy handling myself facing this situation. Try to keep logical was my main priority, controlling urge of excitement to continue, monitoring condition of the track, and keep doing it safely since nobody else but you. The experience itself has thought me abundance of lessons. It was not about the reality to continue following the GPS tracklog (which later on I found Om Hanif, the trekbuilder himself, was not taking this route and was taken another safer route). It was about handling the pressure and go through it.

continued to part2…

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Ride#02 Goa Lalay-Pangkalan Karawang

Cikarang, 1 September 2012

This ride continued in the same day, the same line with Ride#01 Jembatan Gantung. My spirit was high, my enthusiasm to start this series of mountain bike ride was on the top. This series of trip just spice up my mountain biking world only on that first day of the West Java XC Rides.

After pass through Cibeet river by the Cibeet Dam the ride goes through an on-road route. Not really an on-road route, the province road to Pangkalan was in a very bad condition. Some part of the road are rough and dusty, not really felt like a good idea ride on it with trailers and hauliers running beside your bike, throwing all the dust to your face. Sometime I felt fuzzy about this trip, is Gua Bau a significant place to go?

I heard about this track from the cikarangmtb mailing list, the stories about last two trips to this cave was always related to exhaustive trips. The track itself was pretty much related to exhausted rides, this even make me more interesting. If multiply still working then you will see what Om Hanif write on http://hmarga.multiply.com/photos/album/49/Cari-Gua-ke-Kawasan-Karst-Pangkalan.. (It’s written in Bahasa Indonesia)

The ride then passing through traditional lime kilns. Along the way we can found more than twenty limestone kiln. These kiln been using reject products and used tires for burning, resulted in dramatic black smoke come out intermittently. It’s kind of dramatic when you ride inside a (supposed to be) teak forest with a lot of black smoke around the track.

The double-track out of the main provincial road gives more pleasure to the ride. The track start to give uphill part. Strange. The track was not really a steep uphill, but it felt hard and long. The heat of the environment around the track start to give more additional taste to the track.

This track located in the Karst area, a geological therm of an area formed for thousand years. The karst area will be lack of surface water. Water will directly goes into the earth, flowing and gather in underwater rivers. Basically we will found a lot of stones on the ground, a lot of caves, and a hot and really dry environment. What we found in this track was an uphill part through bamboo forest up and up the hill. Until we found the opening of the cave.

The name ‘Goa Bau’ (Smelly Cave) closely related to the fact that this cave inhabited by bats. The smell come out of the mouth of the cave was significant enough. I just try to imagine thousands of bats come out in the evening and come back in the morning. It will be interesting sight seeing.

The route back to Cikarang is the hardest past of the track. Long track, rolling and rolling through hills, hot environment was perfect for an ultimate torture for unprepared cyclist. Don’t try this track unless you are ready to spare your time and spirit enough stock to have a long trip. At least a longer trip than you expected.

Tracklog can be found in bikemap link…

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Ride#01 Jembatan Gantung-Cikarang

rumah nenek

spooky place

Cikarang, 1 September 2012

This is my first post in English. I am not really comfort on what I am writing, but I feel this is the right time to start. I want my writings can reach wider audience, can be useful for more and more readers out there. Wider than visitors of this blog which been written in Bahasa Indonesia since July 2006.

This post also the first blog post on documenting series of mountain bike rides in West Java, Indonesia. WEST JAVA XC RIDES… Yes, that’s means there will be rides on surroundings of where I live. Try to recapture one by one as much as tracks possible, which I have been riding since August 2007.

Well, lets just start…

This morning start ride at 0630am, taking a classic Cikarang mountain bike route to ‘Jembatan Gantung’ (suspension bridge). This route very popular in Cikarang area mountain bike scene, nearly every body know and fall in love with this track. It’s like a standard, a ride that everybody knows about. In my opinion, this just right to start a series of rides.

Ride#1 Jembatan Gantung

When a pair of tires hit the gravel double-track, the feel to the handlebar and pedals, transfer the roughness of the track into our body. This gives us the feel, the taste of the track. Dust flown from rear-tire of our colleagues ride in front. The feel and the taste that all of us in Cikarang knows about, and always want to do it again and again, ‘crave’ maybe a good word.

The physically challenging rolling route including a long and flowing 2km downhill, end up in the bridge site. Small suspension bridge, an old one with a bad physical condition, but giving a special feeling from the feel when ride on it. The shaking bride gives that odd and memorable feel for everyone ever ride on.

Track-log can be found in this Bikemap.net link…
Distance: 15.6 km
Total vertical climb: ca. 30 m

@antoix Track Rating:
Uphill: 7/10
Downhill: 7/10
Physical Challenge: 7/10
Scenery: 6/10
Character: Hilly rolling track in a hot Cikarang area weather

This ride supported by Bikewearr, hardcore biking apparell