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WJxc Ride#32 – North Bandung, East Java – Palintang Uphill & Palasari 2

DCIM100GOPROBandung, 7 Aug 2014

What happened in last Ramadhan Night Ride, a reunion with Om Indra Anggara, continues… This trip was again in contact with him. Among East Bandung mountain bike riders, Mt. Palasari been one of the main attaction, their main menu. There are currently 10 Palasari tracks available as a result of extensive mountain bike exploration from two Eastern Bandung communities: TERJAL (Cicaheum) and NGAPRAX (Cileunyi). Both communities hand in hand, not only exploring new tracks possibilities but also maintain existed ones. My highest appreciation for both communities, for doing these voluntary, amazing on these days.

Despite been doing mountain biking for 7 years now, and spend a lot of mountain biking time in Bandung area, I have only taken Palasari 3 long time back. This is really a humiliation for myself, truly a waste of time not being able to manage enough Palasari exploration trip. OK, let’s move on and plan for more Palasari trips.

Today we choose the classic way to start the track, by doing uphill ride to Palintang. There is another option by loading our bikes in load car or ‘angkot’, especially since the road condition up to the top of Palintang Hill now already in a smooth asphalt road. It was different in five years back… check this trip report…

DCIM100GOPROStart the trip with connection via Goweser Bandung Timur (GBT) page in Facebook that morning we start the ride with Om Indra and Om Heri. Om Heri is special friend also coming from Cikarang. After scrambling around Alun Alun Ujung Berung, hardly trying to pass the traditional market which overflow to the road, a bit traffic in a very small city, smiles coming when the road gradient start to be more challenging.

One of the place very popular in this uphill lines to Palintang is ‘Kampung Tanjakan Panjang’ (Long uphill village). The name reflecting what does it means; long and steep uphill in the middle of a village. I’ve been ride this uphill lines many many times, from the time when most part of the track still in very bad condition, until now the track relatively in a good condition even for car and motorcycles.

Something really never changed. North Bandung will never fail to impress you if you love to ride uphill… This tracks will broke your chest down…

North Bandung uphill will also giving you more to your eyes, the sightseeing changes from a crowded residential area, then start kampung area with more open spaces; in Bahasa Indonesia we called it ‘kebun’. Then we will see some parts of paddy fields, followed with pine woods at the final part of the uphill. The changes of sightseeing also followed by increase in gradient of the track. The gradient by the way still manageable and still ride-able. The path goes to a pass between Mt. Palasari and Mt. Palintang.

DCIM100GOPROOne village we passing by on the uphill ride is ‘Desa Palintang’. The village now been much more developed especially when better condition of roads now give full access to the village. The village become more and more important in the alternate line from Ujungberung to Maribaya.

More accessible does not always means good things, as mountain biker off-course very much missed a hard and technical macadam track just in the middle of the Kampung Palintang. Now all the way to Bukit Tunggul already smooth road even road bike can reach.

A sign of forbidden area for motor trails also appear before we enter the village. More and more access does not always means good things, including privacy and noise coming from the improved road.


But still, an uphill to Palintang Pass always and still an interesting uphill with stunning natural beauty views. On our right side we have Mt Palintang, which also can be connected to part of Genteng Track to Tanjungsari, while on the left side of the road we have a view of Mt. Palasari with a lot of part are pine woodland still in a good condition

DCIM100GOPROWith more and more conservation woodland being converted for vegetables plantations; legally and illegally, it’s really a beautiful fact that these pine woodlands survive so far. Doing mountain biking give me more and more sightseeing of conservation destructions, and less good practice and good news like this.

Ok, let’s stop worrying and just start to enjoy the ride…

Riding inside the Pinewood started with a frightening slope for a hardtail cross country rider like me. We start very slow with a lot of scream from the brake. The frightening part was only the first 100m, after that the singletrack was flowing. A dream for every mountain biker. Please see YouTube link below to see the flowing lines.

It was just BEAUTIFUL !!!

If you love single-track like me, you got to be kidding if you don’t want to ride on this track. The track not only cool and green, but also relatively all the way long ride-able. This is not an ordinary occasion while we also met a moto-cross rider going up-hill on the single-track.

I have a big empathy for our fellow moto-cross riders, but I have to admit that my heart broken when I heard the throttle and their machine running high rpm and digging the lines of our beautiful single-track.

DCIM100GOPROFellow moto-cross riders, I understand that everybody have the same right to ride in this beautiful lines. Us, mountain biker, and you, moto-cross riders have the same right. But, please, can you just not ‘tear’ our tracks down, please…

It was strange that the flowing singletrack lines are just in the right volume. Sometimes, we found it too fast to be finished. But this line was a loooooonnggg line. Finally we found a rocky double-track. The challenge is not to stop. This double-track going traverse on the side of Palasari and all the way to finally found an open land with beautiful scenery.

A 180degree Bandung view…


This is one of the reason riding north Bandung. When you got a clear sky, you will see a breath-taking view you’ll never forget. All the pain during a long uphill was just disappear… From this point actually we can see the Dago/Tahura part in the west, the right hand side; and all the way down to see the Bandung highland city view in front of us; to the Palintang part in the east side. And when the weather is right just like when we have the ride, it was just perfect!

DCIM100GOPROMore pictures in my facebook account…Targeting 2pm to be in the city, we were just straight down the lines and finding a short singletrack following by entry to resindential villages. Yes, the beautiful open land 180degree Bandung was actually a converted woods into plantations.

It was not long ride through kampong and then asphalt downhill to Sukamiskin area while we end up this beautiful trip.

Trip info:

Riding Specialized Carve 29″ hardtail
tyres: Maxxiss Ikon 2.2
uphill: 8/10
singletrack: 8/10
downhill: 8/10
technical: 8/10
endurance: 8/10
landscape view: 9/10

Tracklog http://www.bikemap.net/en/route/2750525-bandung-timur-palasari-2/

Short YouTube video clip…


This ride report supported by Bikewearr, hardcore biking apparell


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  1. wanna be there again ….. the track is really fun and challenging …

    April 30, 2015 pukul 5:29 pm

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