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Telletubbies Hills, Cikarang – DUG DUG solo ride (En)

DCIM100GOPROCikarang, 9 July 2014

It’s became a routine ride, spend a fasting ride closed with ‘buka puasa’. Year after year of my mountain bike hobby then one by one come from my memories all past fasting rides from 2007 when I started this mountain bike activity.

Fasting and ride a mountain bike on off-road tracks will sound like a non-healthy activity. Mmm… yes that maybe right. But actually when you pass the 1st week of fasting month, your daily life cycle and your body already adapting to the fasting routines. It doesn’t have to be that non-healthy…

DCIM100GOPROAnd the best way to minimize the fasting effect I found to be taking an evening ride for approximately 1 hour ride, around 15-20kilometers off-road rides and break the fasting in the end or in the middle of the ride.

This will not allow our body to be overly dehydrated, directly giving our body water input at the end of the ride. And you will not be able to understand the beauty of this ride, until you try by yourself. Fasting itself already a physical treatment with emotional relief during breaking the fast, and the sensation of mountain biking been just giving an ice on the cake. Make it more interesting.

Then year to year, break fasting ride been the activity highly anticipated during the fasting month..


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