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WJxc Ride#27 Bimbel Leuwimalang – TPS Ride (English)

r20140510_060231r20140510_060419r20140510_061038r20140510_072338Cikarang, 10 May 2014

Backyard bicycle track…
Yes, do not underestimate backyard. Your own backyard, the place you think you have known and tried each options available. If you underestimate your backyard tracks, regret will be guaranteed. And this ‘bimbel’ (come out of bahasa word ‘bimbingan belajar’, means learning and trials) track, is one of series I have tried to gather around my backyard, in Cikarang area, Kab Bekasi.

Start with a (yet now become) classic ‘Cilangkara Hutan Jati’ track, including the beauty of fireroads and singletracks, which have become more and more hard to find. Also including a climb to the ‘view tower’ in the middle of the teak-woods fields (hutan jati).

But ‘hutan jati’ or teak-woods is only intermediate transit, we go try to find new options going trough the cluster Cibiru of Lippo Cikarang housing. It was not an easy push and mud tracks until we found better condition road part of Industrial estate area. The trip to ‘hutan jati’ was also take a visit of ‘Tanjakan Emad’ which was recently found to be one of a few last technical uphill section in the area.

Then we go to the new exploration area, beyond Pasir Kupang Rd. and it goes to the area called Leuwi Malang. This road identified to be a straight lines, beside the irrigation lines. From the survey using Google Earth database it was looks like we will have a bridge over the river, which was not found. Whoa!! The (un)-expected surprise which will can be found when we try actually the lines.


We were lucky enough to get a bamboo ride to cross the river. Although the river seen to be not deep and the stream was safe. The track after cross the river was even more interesting. A combination of limestone fire-road plus un-even yet become technical rock base lines, giving us excitement of cross country cycling. This kind of lines usually we got in the past not far from our residence, on our backyard. Due to industrial estate and housing developments around the area, now we need to ride overall 50km to find the same excitement.

But it was worth the ride…

Then the track goes back to our familiar Pasir kupang area, facing the hot noon hot Cikarang area sunshine, running back push to pedal our bikes to home. The ballot of House representative elections been waiting. This is why it was called ‘TPS Ride’…

Still want to underestimate your backyard???

Riding Specialized Carve 29″ hardtail 2012
tyres: Continental X-King 2.2
uphill: 6/10
singletrack: 5/10
downhill: 3/10
technical: 6/10
endurance: 7/10
landscape view: 7/10

This ride report supported by Bikewearr, hardcore biking apparell


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