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WJXc Ride#22 Cilangkara via Teakwoods (En)

rIMG_0077udukCikarang, 7 Nov 2013

What do you think if you want to have a new blood on your regular ‘backdoor-track’? Yes! This is what I want to do this morning, unfortunately with very minimum plan in hand…

Mmm… not really with empty plan I guess, some possible lines coming. Some intersections options flash in mind. Some possible lines which reflected from last rides around neighborhood. Ok let’s just try and kick the crank on to it.

Some articles in mountain bike magazines said that I should look for more options, look for (so far) un-wanted intersections, some points of options which, up to now, been thrown away as insignificant. And while we turn my handlebar to Cilangkara area, one special intersection been haunting me all the way.

It’s a classic excuse, that you have been for ‘some time’ not taken training rides… and use this as a magic clause to have a hot tea and snack pitstop.


Pit stop always been one of the special experience when I do cross country cycling around neighborhood, it’s like visiting your neighbor, the time still, like a still photograph, you will have your time to take closer view to whatever around your track. Which is actually your neighbor, your next door, your housing complex backyard’s owner… This pit stop will also be your time to emulate you as ‘locals’. Trying to be more indigenous. Try to as much as you can be blended with the environment.

And the haunting singletrack option, going deep into what us called ‘kebun jati’ then show a remarkable result. The singletrack option have a steep technical uphill session, a wood like section, and a long gravel section. A rewarding present…

Another reward was another steep technical uphill to kampong near Lembah Hijau Residence. I have to take another pitstop since we have found a traditional full wood Betawi style house. A real jewel around the modernized turn to industrialized area. A sweet closing state and another beautiful hidden track revealed. Another option for local rides to choose…


Morale of the story is… do not underestimate ‘uninteresting singletrack’. Unless you have prove it to be not worth enough, by going through it, you need to worry…

Trip info:

Riding Specialized Carve 29″ hardtail
tyres: Continental X-King 2.2
uphill: 5/10
singletrack: 4/10
downhill: 3/10
technical: 3/10
endurance: 7/10
landscape view: 4/10

This ride report supported by Bikewearr, hardcore biking apparell


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