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WJxc Ride#21 Kukurilingan Batukarut

wIMG_3926-relBandung, 21 September 2013

After having a rude trip two weeks earlier in Kutajati trip … , this is the time to do simple mountain biking… Yes simple trip from my in laws home in Buahbatu, South Eastern part of Bandung to Batukarut, hilly area Eastern of Bandung.

A lot of the track part was an asphalt town track, full with dusty smokey and reckless Indonesian style motorist drive. Luckily it was start 6am in the morning, resulting a nice and relatively empty road all the way 18 km from Buahbatu to Batukarut. Stop by take pictures around terusan Buahbatu and Pasar Kordon. Yes, relatively empty, but for me, it was a boring line to cycle. I really missing the roughness of off-road mountain bike tracks…

IMG_3928kordonBy riding bicycle you will have a passport to stop and take pictures without somebody suspicious on why you take pictures. This is one of the beauty of cycling, it fit with my other passion: photography. Stop by at Pasar Kordon, a busy and hectic parking practice traditional market. If you only bring camera and take pictures, a lot of people will think you are some kind of journalist which covering news on traditional market which being a usual source of long traffic jam around Terusan Buahbatu, Bandung. But with bicycle, even the tricycle rider give a big smile…

Over an hour of simple and flat on asphalt boring ride, reach Banjaran. A small rural city South Eastern part of Bandung. This area been one of the busy textille industry area around the region. Packed narrow asphalt road with an overload traffic.

32ruinsTurn left off the main road, going up the hill to Batukarut. Yes, now you face a partly bad condition road, a lot of holes combined with asphalt. The scenery become more and more interesting since the ride going up to the hill side.


Trip info:

Riding Specialized Carve 29″ hardtail
tyres: Continental X-King 2.2
uphill: 7/10
singletrack: 4/10
downhill: 7/10
technical: 4/10
endurance: 8/10
landscape view: 6/10

This ride report supported by Bikewearr, hardcore biking apparell


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