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WJxc Ride#13 NWtGtC Track Cikarang (En)

IMG_0717lioIMG_0735piringIMG_0738warnasCikarang, 8 Dec 2012

Your backyard could be so tricky. It’s the place you always around, tend to be boring, since you have been going around, all over it.

The balance between boring feel and abundance time availability of the track gives that mixed feeling. This is track is all about this balance… This post of West Java XC ride will be on one track in Cikarang area. A training track which I have called these nearby, backyard tracks as ‘bimbel’. A fun name for a training tracks. Yes, this fun name help me keep the enthusiasm every time have a try on the track.

Cikarang Area, the place I live for the last 16 years, including the last 6 years of mountainbiking, been transformed from a hilly country-side into a huge and dense manufacturing-based industrial areas. The transformations been severely change the neighborhood into more concrete-asphalt (boring for mountain biking) roads. Residential area also changed, from a bad cross country style roads into more, again, asphalt and concrete. This concrete access been changed the face and the feel of residential area up to 60cm-1m wide (formerly) single-tracks. Getting over these concrete lines, as minimum possible run over the not-so-interesting terrain, will be the first task before having fun in the playground of cross country cycling.

This one particular track I myself register as Bimbel#4, basically find the off-road mountain bike playground around Cilangkara, Nagacipta and Sirnajaya. These area are southern part of Lippo Cikarang, major estate in Cikarang. The ‘real’ part of the track is these three areas. Classic cross country, small ups and downs, no surprises, no steep uphills or downhills since the track is part of indigenous country sides urban area.

After having a sprint enjoy ride of the small hills, then we have a chance to take a traditional ‘warung nasi’ (traditional restaurant), have a hot soup, cool iced water to have your mind and body refresh…

Our backyard, actually available every day, we can have it every morning before work or every night for nightrides, really a jewel. It is only a matter of how we see it differently.

I don’t really know up to when these Bimbel tracks will hold on over the expansion of residential and industrial areas… Let’s not worry about it, just enjoy these beauty around our backyard as long as available

These are set of ‘Bimbel’ tracks:
Bimbel#1 Jalur Lio-Kiara Gedur http://www.bikemap.net/route/1436798 23.6km
Bimbel#2 San Diego-Pasircongcot www.bikemap.net/route/1329078 47.9km
Bimbel#3 Cibatu 129 http://www.bikemap.net/route/1907172 12.9km
Bimbel#4 NWtGtC http://www.bikemap.net/route/1922853 41.5km
Bimbel#5 San Diego Easy http://www.bikemap.net/route/1907171 35.2km
Bimbel#6 Bondol http://www.bikemap.net/route/2015385 31.5km

Bimbel#4 NWtGtC
Course distance: 41km (start/finish at Home)
Character: pretty flat, small hills, country side fire-road double track

Facebook photo link…

Tracklog http://www.bikemap.net/route/1922853


This ride supported by Bikewearr, hardcore biking apparell


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