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WJxc Ride#11 Sukamantri via Ciomas (En)



Bogor, 16 Nov 2012

This West Java XC ride#11 was a duo ride with Om Nurdin, my fellow uphill enthusiast from 1PDN Bogor. Rainy season start to reach it’s peak, and this is Bogor, known as a city with everyday rain. The ride was on Friday, and from the start of the ride Om Nurdin already make a clear statement, “… We try to finish the ride before lunchtime, so that we can have a Friday Praying in home”. What??? At the start of the ride I felt that the ride will be a short and easy ride. The presumption proven to be wrong! The ride turned to be a fast uphill ride rather than an easy short ride. Fyuh!!

The route I let Om Nurdin take care, he proposed his routine route to Sukamantri via Ciomas. Yes, then we need to go around further than traditional route via Ciapus, but the effort was proven to be worthed.

Ciomas kampong uphill

Ciomas kampong uphill

Not like traditional 1PDN Sukamantri ride, this ride take a lot of the uphill through ‘kampong’ routes. Started with a regular asphalt line in the middle of dense Bogor city population, the route then moved through a route beside the river. Not only taken us away from an angkot in Ciapus line, this route also giving us a beautiful soundtrack of river water flow beside the route. The feeling I got during the uphill was like a meditation, clear and peace like yoga. The fresh air going deep into my chest, push out all other dirty air and environment out. Recharge mind and body with fresh and healty. This is what I am looking for in mountain biking activity.

Scenery on the Ciomas kampong uphill was changed from paddy field to traditional rural housings to bamboo field. All giving green and fresh view while the uphill was moderate, not a steep uphill. The change of scenery was very dynamic, some interesting views come one by one. A little girl alone in the cliff of a big river-dam, a group of little boys enjoy naked bath, a group of farmers work in paddy field, women wash clothes using river water. A normal scenery of kampong. Will not be so interesting to tell unless you experience to face by yourself.

Suddenly we found a steep tarmac uphill and then we arrived at the junction of Sukamantri and Curug Luhur. This is the same point we also passing through on the last Bogor ride to Pure…

Then it’s time to pit-stop. This was the first long pitstop of already 90 minutes ride. Om Nurdin said that the time permits us more since it was just past 8 am in the morning. He looks amazed by the time achievement. After this point we have a lot and more pit-stop to be taken.

Not only a new route to Sukamantri I was experiencing, the view also different. Beside we do a different route, the track itself already gone through significant changes. While the old sukamantri very famous for it’s long and never-ending loose tarmac track, what currently available now is smooth asphalt already taken 70% of the tarmac session to Sukamantri.

These are my last stories about Sukamantri
2007 first ride with 1PDN https://antoix.wordpress.com/2007/11/18/sukamantri1/
2008 ride with Jacyco https://antoix.wordpress.com/2008/05/25/sukamantri/
2009 double expresso trip by 1PDN https://antoix.wordpress.com/2009/09/17/beberapa-foto/

IMG_0085to-clI really missed the hard and frustrating part of uphill right after we came out of the main road. It was gradual destruction of road condition. Frustrating and felt like never-ending tarmac uphills. I really really missed those trips.

The track still left for us some final part of tarmac, a gate of ‘KUJANG RAIDER’ military sign, and twisty road in the middle of pine forest. Get lucky that the best part of the road still in ‘mountain bike friendly’ condition, full of (still) frustrating tarmac uphill. Save the best for last. Don’t know for how long..

The final destination, the finish line in Sukamantri Camp Site relatively still the same site from the last 5 years. The environment still the same, some youngsters dong camping. The small shops are still the same, including the famous ‘Teh Kon’ was still there.

A historic place for my mountain bike experience. Glad to enjoy it again after my first mountain bike ride back in Novemeber 2007. Since time not permit, we don’t have the time to take offroad downhill routes. Sad but true. Oya, I finally reach Bogor Raya residence (near Baranangsiang) just before 12. The right time to have a Friday praying. Halfday and hard short-ride.

A lot of changes happen on the track but the solution by uphill via Ciomas giving a new life this this track.

frustrating tarmac

frustrating tarmac



sukamantri camp site

sukamantri camp site

@antoix track rating:
uphill: 8/10
downhill: 6/10
endurance: 7/10
technical: 6/10
landscape view: 8/10
distance: 38.7 km
Total vertical climb: ca. 740 m

The tracklog can be found in bikemap…


This ride supported by Bikewearr, hardcore biking apparell


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