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WJxc Ride#10 Cipunagara CikarangMTB Kolozal#10 Survey (En)

Prasasti/ carved stone writings

Prasasti/ carved stone writings

a sleepy morning near Gua Belanda

a sleepy morning near Gua Belanda

Bandung, 20 Oct 2012

Here we are… twice a year Cikarangmtb KOLOZAL mountain bike event has arrived in town. Mmm… not really arrived, but at least this post will tell a story on the survey trip. The one and only survey trip for this KOLOZAL#10. Some edition of KOLOZAL trips were going through multiple surveys, but this KOLOZAL is special. One survey is enough. Hopefully…

A corn-ish pit-stop

A corn-ish pit-stop

FYI, Cikarangmtb KOLOZAL series been running for 10 series within last 5 years

#1 Kota Bunga – Cikarang (2007)
#2 Wanayasa – Maranggi (2008)
#3 Curug Cigeuntis (2009)
#4 Mandalawangi (2009)
#5 Kaldera Manglayang (2010)
#6 Tangkuban Parahu – Wanayasa (2010)
#7 Gunung Padang – Campaka (2011)
#8 Ranca Upas – Kawah Rengganis (2011)
#9 Km 97 (2012)
#10 Cipunagara (2012)

I always enjoy survey ride of KOLOZAL event. The survey proven to be so adventurous, with so many things to be anticipated and achieved.

Need to check available options for lunch-site, ‘isoma’-site. Assessment on the track which should be friendly enough for regular mountain bike-er. Try to find out options lunch and praying break, including access to the site, where to find available local vendor for lunch. Already a long list? That’s not all. The possibly most challenging and yet entertaining task been doing the track assessment, and this are a never before ridden track. So, we don’t have any idea what it looks and feel like. It’s like a gamble, a planned gamble.

The start site, which a forest, a struggling forest in the middle of north Bandung highland environmental destruction. A green environment in the middle of civilization. A lot of historic places inside an oasis of forest heaven.


it was a start of late rainy season

it was a start of late rainy season

A fresh air rainforest entertainment finished when we come out of the ‘Taman Hutan Rakyat Ir H Juanda’ area through Maribaya gate. This area lying on top of ‘Lembang Slip’ and produce a lot of interesting topographic layers. Some are extreme, which are beautiful in view of mountain bike activities.

Another interesting part on the uphill was the offroad part to peak of Cikidang. We cannot really said that it was a ‘peak’, it was like a tip of a big bucket. The uphill offroad line really remind me of uphill track to Pondok Pemburu. Not steep uphills, but long enough and challenging. This was my second trip in this line after the first solo ride three months before…

A Bee sting incident slap me out in the peak site. It was not easy to handle since the next 2-3 hours since my head feel strange, my balance disturbed. I was lucky that can continue the ride safely.

at Cikidang Peak

at Cikidang Peak

Photography was one of the interesting part of a survey. We need to collect interesting pictures, and will be part of the promotional campaign of KOLOZAL. This was not easy since we deal with new track, we face unexpected track conditions, and our photographic mind and view always need to be sharp. Look for every opportunities to document the track. Physically hard and artistically challenging.

After intriguing 14km uphills then we go through the 17km tarmac downhill part. This downhill part was hard, long, and especially dark. Yes, one of the spice during a survey was getting lost. Taking an unexpectedly wrong route/lines. Then resulting in a long and felt like never ending dark tarmac downhill. The terrain already giving a hard physical challenge, getting lost make the route much far away from the plan, and the dark of the night in the middle of the woods make it even more and more challenging.

This is Cipunagara Tea Plantation

This is Cipunagara Tea Plantation

The Cipunagara area, which we found a tea plantation, a tea processing factory, was really a remote area. Up to Cikidang peak the road of bad tarmac and a long twisty down to Darmaga. Both are too far away. The area looks like a piece of heaven spotted in the middle of nowhere. The feeling, the aura and the surroundings gives us a unique feeling, which I cannot describe in words.

I was a combination of mystery, exoticism, remoteness, secluded, beautiful. A strange combination of words. The best choice I can take.

Finally when we found a clean and smooth asphalt road it was already around 7pm. Our initial plan to take a finish line in Cigayonggong lake was cancelled and try to find out something to eat. Rain and the rough track already push our physical and mental condition to the limit.

Yes. This is a real survey.

A combination of curiosity, physical and mental pressure and time limitation. A perfect ride which we do not want the whole 120 mountain bike riders of KOLOZAL taking the same hard route.

@antoix track rating:
uphill: 8/10
downhill: 9/10
endurance: 8/10
technical: 8/10
landscape view: 8/10
distance: 38.6 km
Total vertical climb: ca. 920 m

Tracklog can be found and download in bikemap…


This ride supported by Bikewearr, hardcore biking apparell


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