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WJxc Ride#9 Cherry Marathon 74km, Karawang (En) – part2

back to the right lines, just only being opened for access

back to the right lines

continued from part1…

A huge mental blow when finally came out of the dead end I was continue to follow the track, a very narrow double-track which looks just only being opened for access. I was so grateful to be able to continue safely.

The next part of the trip was facing ‘the beast’. The double-track tarmac uphill line was straight, to the point, direct while the temperature around the track been increasing to it’s hot peak. It was hard. One of the hardest uphill I have ever taken on my experience. I was not realize that I was doing the fun-cherry track in reverse and then facing this uncompromising uphill line. Yes, I have taken the wrong direction of the route! Back to the uphill.

I stop on every 10-20 meter. This short 10-20 meter has successfully bring up my heartbeat to the maximum allowable level, 170bpm. The uphill was hard but yet beautiful. Writing this post blog two months after the ride I am already miss this uphill part and want to take it, experience the roughness, feel the maximum heartbeat only after meters pedaling.

It was beautiful uphill…

the most beautiful uphill, the hardest one

the most beautiful uphill, the hardest one

Struggling to get to the end of the ‘beast uphill’, I found myself overwhelmed by the view from the top of the hill.

We can see nearly 270 degree of horizon. From left-front-right are: Cikarang Area in left, far away Industrial area in Cikarang and Karawang; while in front of us we can see far away Kujang Fertilizer plant in Cikampek with all Citarum valleys; in right we can see Jatiluhur area only right behind some hills. Beautiful 270 degree beautiful view. A nice closure for beautiful uphill.

Then I decided to take another pit-stop. To calm down my mental after going through dead end. To calm down my heart after exhaustive uphill. To cool down my body with cold drinks.

Again. The rumors I heard about how hard to get an adequately small shops to cool down proven that it was only a rumors. The place, called Kuta Jati, prepare a lot of options for logistic loading including availability of ice. Yes, there was no electricity, but they prepare ice for you!!

After a long pit-stop for 30 minutes continue leaving the beautiful site and going through the back of the hills, goes partly flat and partly down all the way: Kuta Jati to Kuta Tandingan to Kuta Kalambu and then to a simple an famous three-way junction with a lot of Cherry tree… A cool place we were looking for.

I treat myself a lunch while my emotion still in high…
Reaching this Cherry trees after all those ways to get here

Kuta Tandingan... then followed by Kuta Kalambu and Kuta Meriem

Kuta Tandingan… then followed by Kuta Kalambu and Kuta Meriem

Typical scenery around the track was full of hills and hills. Never ending hills one after another. Some part are considered karst area which usually lack of water. A lot of water sip into the ground and a lot of underground river links deep down the earth.

People lives here has adapted to live in such a very hard environment. In the rainy season they try to grow only use rainwater for water source. Some try to grow coffee and oranges, but not much has a good result. No electricity worsen the living condition.

After taking a mental and physical recharge in Cherry, the closing part of the trip was even harder. In going home I have choose to take another two piece of the links. One is what known as ‘Hutan Jati’ or ‘Teak Forest’. This route already going round, taking longer route rather than directly back to Cikarang area. To make the trip ‘perfect’ I was also taken part of ‘Gua Bau’ route as closer chapter.

After 74km or endurance marathon, 6pm arrive back home, exhausted but excitedly determined…
The best route to challenge your endurance; mentally and physically

@antoix track rating:
uphill: 8/10
downhill: 6/10
endurance: 10/10
technical: 8/10
landscape view: 8/10
distance: 74km
rolling track, tarmac and fireroad

The tracklog can be found in bikemap…

Cherry... the beautiful torture track

Cherry… the beautiful torture track


This ride supported by Bikewearr, hardcore biking apparell


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