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WJxc Ride#8 Pure Prabu Siliwangi, Bogor (En)

Bogor, 6 Oct 2012

This was ride number eight of the West Java XC rides. I still try to manage my emotion, my spirit and my expectations on the series of rides. I try to jump from one area to another, from ride to ride, weekend to weekend, so that I can feel the variations. This was one of the reason I choose this track in Bogor, to have the variations. The trip members were also more diversified in riding experience.

Arrive 0630am in the starting area, near Bogor city hall. Nostalgic feeling comes. This is the place I started my mountain bike hobby. Back in 2007 when I join the first mountain bike trip to the woods, the mountain. The place was not very much changed compared to 2007. This starting point, very often known as ‘lippo’, very popular for Bogor mountain bike sphere. Starting from this point been a default for a long long time. You have a lot of options from Setul area, Gede-Pangrango area, Salak-Halimun area.

starting point, beside Bogor City Hall, near Botanical Garden

Today’s mountain biking become even more nostalgic feeling when Aki Oni Aunilla joined and lead the trip. He was the same rider in my first mountain bike trip back in 2007. Just 3 minutes after start, we have pedaling our mountain bike inside urban Bogor area. Narrow roads, relatively slope, hilly. Sometimes our handlebar just centimeters away from walls beside the track. Special! This is why I really enjoy cycling with Aki Oni, he knows too many alternatives lines. Simple destination like Bogor Nirwana Resort has become a special journey, with so many interesting urban environments.

Not yet feel enough on the urban kampong uphill, we have a long on road uphill within Bogor Nirwana Resort (BNR). This is my only second time taking this BNR uphill, the ride was not hard, but it will feel like a hit on your chest and feet. Then we met the end of the BNR uphill and start taking another kampong uphill.

Leaving BnR (Bogor Nirwana Residence), start taking ‘kampong’ roads, Mt Salak beautiful background

Kampong to kampong, village to village, were the main course of this trip. Aki Oni lead us cycling through a wide kampong access road, twisty road between dense housing. Road wide vary from just enough for a car and also just enough for a walk. Some part of the track in between houses track wide just centimeters from a wide of handlebar.

After beauty of kampong and paddy-field combinations finally we reach a regular asphalt road then start more steep uphill. The track was a tarmac bad condition double-track, and that day being improved by asphalt. An irony, while mountain bike enthusiast would prefer bad road condition while people around the track would prefer better road condition.

Uphill track currently being improved, once it was a tarmac endurance technical uphill

Leaving an asphalt track then we take the cement base track. The track was just fit for the wide of regular car. Every time we need to pull over when facing a car from the other side. The hilly track has become more and more steep and finally we can see our main destination, Pure Prabu Siliwangi. A final steep uphill bring us to Pure. We take a rest in one of the local shop near Pure. Taking some bottle of hot tea and cold beverages.

A small shop/restaurant in front of Pure’s gate. The first decent place we can order drinks and meals

Nearly an hour we have a long pitstop in front of The Pure Gn Salak. A long pitstop with a long discussion finally taken decision to go more up the hill above the Pure. This time the track really give us a hit in the chest. The steep tarmac uphill line successfully make our lungs feel like going to explode up to the top of the hill.

This is the time to enjoy the scenery. Bogor, Parung and Tangerang area far away we can see from this top of the track. On our left is the Curug Nangka area. A waterfall park. We continue the track down. The single-track was quite technical downhill although not too long. Then we continue with tarmac downhill and then asphalt track after approx 2km of hard and shocking tarmac. On-road part back to start point near Kebun Raya/Botanical Garden will take us another 45 minutes ride.

A site between Pure and Curug Nangka hills, only downhill lines from this point

@antoix track rating:
uphill: 8/10
downhill: 6/10
endurance: 7/10
technical: 7/10
landscape view: 8/10

Tracklog can be found and download in bikemap…

This ride supported by Bikewearr, hardcore biking apparell


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