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WJxc Ride#7 Km 0 down offroad Singkong, Sentul, Bogor (En)

Sentul, 29 Sep 2012

This mountain biking track is a popular short track for uphill enthusiast. The track is short but the uphill was fairly 450m altitude inclination in a short only within 10km smooth asphalt track.

Yes, smooth asphalt track. Even road bike-er now can enjoy the route from Sentul City up to Kilometer Nol site. It was very different if I look back to my last rides in this track which the track still in combination of asphalt and tarmac.
2009 January https://antoix.wordpress.com/2009/01/28/sentul-pemburu/
2009 May https://antoix.wordpress.com/2009/05/11/bojongkoneng-km-0/

Today surprisingly I met Nota and his 3 friends (one of them ride a road bike) at the start point, Bakmi Golek. It’s been very long time since the last time we ride together. What a surprise coincidence since we were not having an organized plan.

I decide to do non-pitstop try, and succeed!! My ride from Bakmi Golek was 59 minutes. Not an impressive timing, but this is the first time I take non stop ride to the top. Marginal performance which I was quite proud of 🙂

Uphill in this track always gives a special feeling for me. As part of mountain bike uphill community called 1PDN, I was being part of 3 uphill races using this track as race line. This race was part of the uphill community idealism that uphill should getting it’s own event and it’s own stage, in level to what our colleagues in downhill. So, riding this simple and short track always been emotional for me, especially when riding along with Nota whom also part of the uphill community.

The 9 kilometer uphill track I will recommend to whoever want to have a taste on the beauty of uphill cycling. Within 9km we will have around 450m altitude difference. Quite intensive but short enough to reach the peak.

We have an option to take the same route we have taken uphill to go back to starting point, but this track known to be steep downhill which not easy to handle the bike. As a normal route rider will take more moderate route via Cijayanti for more safe down the hill.

I was taking another line which I have ever take for uphill with Aki Oni, the line via tarmac and single-track off-road. For anyone who have passion to mountain biking I really recommend this line which could be taken as uphill line or downhill line.

The downhill route consist of low grade asphalt with some villas around the track. These road looks like access road to villas. Then continued by a double-track tarmac line. This line can be easily seen as logistic access to the cassava plantations. The road condition became worst and worst, and became more interesting to be taken on mountain bike. The double track tarmac passing through a river then end up in a single track. A flowing single track on the red soil of Sentul, with big volcanic stones come out between. Beautiful and challenging. The track then connected to a clove plantation single-track and then into the village and back to main road of Cijayanti.

@antoix track rating:
uphill: 8/10
downhill: 8/10
endurance: 7/10
technical: 8/10
landscape view: 8/10

Tracklog can be found and download in bikemap…

This ride supported by Bikewearr, hardcore biking apparell


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