enjoy every cadence, every breath…

WJxc Ride#4 Manohara Track, Cikarang

start/finish area, Parking Lot Marketing Office Kota Deltamas

under the SUTET

9 September 2012.

After having an evening and sunset ride on Friday evening, just after driving 2 hours back from Bandung this time we do another evening ride in the same area. This time start at around 4pm, not so late compared to last Friday ride.

This time the evening ride not in a hurry hurry mood. The enjoy easy ride start with on road track up to below the SUTET electrical line and beginning to do a double-track gravel uphill. A classic Cikarang uphill that never easy to do. This simple 500m long not so steep uphill never been easy to do. It has been hard always, from the time I was newbie and start mountain biking 5 years ago up to now. Challenging for our heart, challenging to manage our aerobic metabolism to support our muscles working. It has never been easy no matter how experience I am.

At around the peak of the hill under the SUTET (extra high voltage electrical lines) my eyes caught by a stature of nearly without leaves tree. I push my bike outside the fire road, start to set some shots. Some shots focus on the lonely tree as focal idea while other shots focus on the pattern shown by aerial extra high voltage power line. This SUTET uphill is the part you have to try when you take a mountain bike in Cikarang area. You definitely miss something memorable and special if you choose to skip this short line.

The last two years I have been more serious on doing my photography hobby. I was start blogging back in 2006 and start mountain biking 2007. Old post on this blog was not only on mountain biking until currently fully dedicated to specialized in tell stories about my mountain bike experiences. After being more serious on photography then I combine into what I called ‘bike-tography’. An outdoor photography activity based on mountain bike trip and mountain bike activities. Combining these two hobby being a new challenge for myself, like what I just did with this SUTET shots. My biking trip will become longer but the documentation become more beautiful and meaningful.

Back to the track. Taken not too long until I reach what called ‘Jengjeng’ forest. The area around 10 hectares consist of Jengjeng, also known as Sengon/Albasia (Paraserianthes falcataria) trees. It was the peak of dry season. This time like September should be the start of rainy season, but this year dry season been longer than usual. It reflected to lack of leaves on the Jengjeng trees. At this point I just remember my early mountain biking experiences with Jengjeng area. I remember that time we usually goes up to small woodland area up the hill above Jengjeng, small woodland where there is a cemeteries inside, making the area spooky and giving additional blow to the mountain biking experience. I decide to go to this line which more than two years I have not take. The adrenaline on the spooky woodland place, lonely, is one of the feeling I experience that evening.

Going down and around now we facing this Manohara hill. Goes around the base of the hill and then follow the single-track and start what famously called ‘Manohara uphill’.

The singletrack looks like never been used by motorcycles. Not like the last time I ride this line, motorcycles still using this line. Now they take another line on the other side of the hill. Since less motorcycle goes to this line means less maintenance to the line. Amazingly it is still ride-able and even more challenging. Fyuh! This uphill still make my hear beating hard. This line still hard, it is definitely still a challenging uphill line. I take a stop, couple of water sip from my bottle and then start taking pictures. Taking pictures from the top of the hill always give a lot of ideas and choices. We have 360 degree options wait for our creativity to make a good picture. I have no specific idea and just taking a standard shot with Manohara uphill line as the background.

At the top of the Manohara uphill part

The main menu has been taken. The other part of the ride was taking a hill to hill on what Cikarang maintain biking scene called as Telletubbies hills. That evening I also see more than five motocross rider take similar line on these hills. It was interesting to follow their exercise line which flowing switchbacks down the hill. Into on road route in ITSB area back to the start line. The sun start to sink beyond the horizon and the ride was come to an end.

This ride supported by Bikewearr, hardcore biking apparell


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