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Ride#03 XC Deltamas Cikarang (En)

Here we are, the short tracks of Cikarang area.

Cikarang is my hometown, the place I have been living for the last 14 years. Although the this Cikarang’s DELTAMAS XC track is a short track, use for local cikarang area and mountainbike community.

The track is combination of technical singletrack, endurance doubletrack and small part of onroad track. It flowing through the empty and unused land on the hills of Deltamas, a housing complex of 5000 houses.

The track is quite intense for our heart in some technical uphill singletracks. The downhill part also challenging, with some drop off, not so high for an all mountain or downhill bike, but will be tricky to control speed and flow on short travel xc bike. The main challenge from the track is the wheater. Cikarang area are categorized as hot area with less trees around the tracks.

The ride finish in less than an hour while the sun go down into darkness.

This post in Bahasa Indonesia version…

This ride supported by Bikewearr, hardcore biking apparell


2 responses

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  2. mantap bhs linggisnya om. šŸ˜€

    Oktober 11, 2012 pukul 9:01 pm

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