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Ride#02 Goa Lalay-Pangkalan Karawang

Cikarang, 1 September 2012

This ride continued in the same day, the same line with Ride#01 Jembatan Gantung. My spirit was high, my enthusiasm to start this series of mountain bike ride was on the top. This series of trip just spice up my mountain biking world only on that first day of the West Java XC Rides.

After pass through Cibeet river by the Cibeet Dam the ride goes through an on-road route. Not really an on-road route, the province road to Pangkalan was in a very bad condition. Some part of the road are rough and dusty, not really felt like a good idea ride on it with trailers and hauliers running beside your bike, throwing all the dust to your face. Sometime I felt fuzzy about this trip, is Gua Bau a significant place to go?

I heard about this track from the cikarangmtb mailing list, the stories about last two trips to this cave was always related to exhaustive trips. The track itself was pretty much related to exhausted rides, this even make me more interesting. If multiply still working then you will see what Om Hanif write on http://hmarga.multiply.com/photos/album/49/Cari-Gua-ke-Kawasan-Karst-Pangkalan.. (It’s written in Bahasa Indonesia)

The ride then passing through traditional lime kilns. Along the way we can found more than twenty limestone kiln. These kiln been using reject products and used tires for burning, resulted in dramatic black smoke come out intermittently. It’s kind of dramatic when you ride inside a (supposed to be) teak forest with a lot of black smoke around the track.

The double-track out of the main provincial road gives more pleasure to the ride. The track start to give uphill part. Strange. The track was not really a steep uphill, but it felt hard and long. The heat of the environment around the track start to give more additional taste to the track.

This track located in the Karst area, a geological therm of an area formed for thousand years. The karst area will be lack of surface water. Water will directly goes into the earth, flowing and gather in underwater rivers. Basically we will found a lot of stones on the ground, a lot of caves, and a hot and really dry environment. What we found in this track was an uphill part through bamboo forest up and up the hill. Until we found the opening of the cave.

The name ‘Goa Bau’ (Smelly Cave) closely related to the fact that this cave inhabited by bats. The smell come out of the mouth of the cave was significant enough. I just try to imagine thousands of bats come out in the evening and come back in the morning. It will be interesting sight seeing.

The route back to Cikarang is the hardest past of the track. Long track, rolling and rolling through hills, hot environment was perfect for an ultimate torture for unprepared cyclist. Don’t try this track unless you are ready to spare your time and spirit enough stock to have a long trip. At least a longer trip than you expected.

Tracklog can be found in bikemap link…

This ride supported by Bikewearr, hardcore biking apparell

2 responses

  1. bhs linggisnya lumayan kisanak. dpt nilai toefl brpa?

    September 26, 2012 pukul 7:02 am

  2. mantabhhhh dechhhhh salam

    September 28, 2012 pukul 12:52 am

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