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Ride#01 Jembatan Gantung-Cikarang

rumah nenek

spooky place

Cikarang, 1 September 2012

This is my first post in English. I am not really comfort on what I am writing, but I feel this is the right time to start. I want my writings can reach wider audience, can be useful for more and more readers out there. Wider than visitors of this blog which been written in Bahasa Indonesia since July 2006.

This post also the first blog post on documenting series of mountain bike rides in West Java, Indonesia. WEST JAVA XC RIDES… Yes, that’s means there will be rides on surroundings of where I live. Try to recapture one by one as much as tracks possible, which I have been riding since August 2007.

Well, lets just start…

This morning start ride at 0630am, taking a classic Cikarang mountain bike route to ‘Jembatan Gantung’ (suspension bridge). This route very popular in Cikarang area mountain bike scene, nearly every body know and fall in love with this track. It’s like a standard, a ride that everybody knows about. In my opinion, this just right to start a series of rides.

Ride#1 Jembatan Gantung

When a pair of tires hit the gravel double-track, the feel to the handlebar and pedals, transfer the roughness of the track into our body. This gives us the feel, the taste of the track. Dust flown from rear-tire of our colleagues ride in front. The feel and the taste that all of us in Cikarang knows about, and always want to do it again and again, ‘crave’ maybe a good word.

The physically challenging rolling route including a long and flowing 2km downhill, end up in the bridge site. Small suspension bridge, an old one with a bad physical condition, but giving a special feeling from the feel when ride on it. The shaking bride gives that odd and memorable feel for everyone ever ride on.

Track-log can be found in this Bikemap.net link…
Distance: 15.6 km
Total vertical climb: ca. 30 m

@antoix Track Rating:
Uphill: 7/10
Downhill: 7/10
Physical Challenge: 7/10
Scenery: 6/10
Character: Hilly rolling track in a hot Cikarang area weather

This ride supported by Bikewearr, hardcore biking apparell


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