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Polygon SX 3.0, First Impressions…

(I wrote this notes after a week of riding, around 2nd week of June 2009. Fair enough to be a ‘first impression’ post right?)


Maybe I’m still in ‘the excitement of an upgrade’, all my nerve been enthusiastic on the new assembled bike (I think most of you experienced with this), by the way I will try to write it down after two off road rides around my beloved ‘Bukit Telletubbies’ Track in Cikarang, Bekasi, Indonesia. When I am still on excitement, I try to write down this notes so that sometimes I could compare with

My memory runs back weeks ago when I wrote a simple, ride experience impressions, on a Polygon AX 3.0 in cikarangmtb mailing list. It turns to be an intensive contact with one of the list member who want to sell a SX 3.0 frame. I doesn’t take a long time to decide the purchase deal, especially after experiencing an epic 51km Papandayan Ride on my beloved Polygon Cozmic CX 1.0 hard tail, including 10kms rocky roads decent.

The Track

Telletubbies Hills is a track located at Kota Deltamas hilly area which seems to be made for mountain biker. It’s a combination of technical uphills, some singetrack descents, all on a dirt singletracks which turn to be a disastrous mud track after rains.

The track a little bid wet during the rides (It’s in the end of monsoon season here) but the rain volume did not really change the track characteristics into a mud disaster.

The Bike

Polygon SX 3.0 frame assembled with RockShock Monarch 4.2 rear shock. It combined with a relatively lower end parts moved directly from my CX 1.0 hard tail: 100mm Manitou Axel fork, XTR shifter, Deore FD, Deore LX RD, Shimano Non-series Crank, novatec hubs attached with Alexrims SX wheels. It runs on a pair of Panaracer FireXC Pro 2.1.

On Uphills

Like what I feel in 2008 Polygon AX 3.0, I feel a ‘buster’ during uphills. My legs does feel like being injected by steroids. Off course it still a full-suss-er which turns to be much less ‘aggressive’ feel on the rear wheel. Ohh… I really miss the aggressive feel doing technical uphill on hard tails. But, the *steroids effect* gives me some kind of trade-off for the aggressive feel.

The main idea on the uphills experiences: she’s doing really good on uphill. For me as an uphill enthusiasts, this fact is important. I just wondering if a Fox RP23 with propedal features attached to the frame…

I just feel my legs stretch a little more on long uphills. The weight of the bike, especially after moved every parts from hard tail to SX 3.0, was really noticeable difference. It’s good for me, especially to give some more loads to my legs on uphills. More exercise for my leg. I don’t know if I use the bike for a long uphill ride later on.

On Decent

I really hit by surprise when doing a long decent. It’s really a naive feeling since in the last two+ years I use a hardtail bike. Occasionally I have a try on full-susp bikes, just for fun, not really do an assessment.

The important thing about it’s decent character: the control. I feel really fast adjusted to the bike movement control. It’s just smoother and offcoure with much less ‘bumbs’ from the rear wheel I can run decent with even more confidence.

Control especially on decent are great. Although my riding hours mostly on hardtail, I can manage the control and the movement of the bike. The bike run in a predictable moves. I have face a vague feel control during the first cockpit setup, but after change the stem to negative position, surprisingly I feel the same control I usually have on my Cozmic hardtail.

The Looks

Is it important?
Mmmm…. yes (with a small y)

This frame painted by clear lacquered coating finish, which I personally prefer powder coating style like what they use in last years (?) version. Powder coating give a ‘harsh’ look at the frame. But I don’t blame Polygon who include white highlight on the head tube stripes which I presume following the white and shine trend.


Actually it’s impossible for me to compare with other frame set. I am not that experienced enough to do some comparison due my lack of experiences on riding a full-suss bikes. I try to write down this notes based on what I feel without comparing to other products. Offcourse it’s not always a good decision if I take my hard tail Polygon Cozmic CX 1.0 as comparison basic.

Some of frames I have take a trial ride are KHS XC and United Patrol FXP. Definitely this SX 3.0 frame has a much better uphill performance than those two compatriots.


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  1. wahju

    ganti flat bar dong

    Juli 24, 2009 pukul 11:25 am

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    Look advanced to far added agreeable from you! However, how can we communicate?

    Agustus 17, 2012 pukul 9:10 am

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